At Hitchmough Kinnear we can provide you with a complete payroll service including;

  • Registering your employees with the revenue.
  • Calculating weekly/monthly pay for all categories of employees. E.g. part-time employees paid hourly or full-time salaried employees.
  • Providing revenue forms including forms P.60, P.45, P.30 and P.35 end of year return.

Although you may not require a full payroll account service we are there to provide you with advice and assistance, in relation to the following:

  • Overview of the operation of PAYE/PRSI system.
  • Calculation of holiday pay, sick pay, etc.
  • Application of PAYE/PRSI to employment benefits such as company cars, preferential loans, vouchers, etc.
  • Pension contributions and PRSA obligations.

Hitchmough Kinnear provides a complete payroll service to a wide spectrum of businesses ranging from the small trader to the larger company. Should you require further information on our payroll services, please contact Helen O’Neill.

Helen O'NeillHelen O’Neill FCPA
Tel: 353 21 4962255

Hitchmough Kinnear